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Restrictions on teenagers their senior year*

I personally being a senior want to say that seniors need MORE freedom. Of course this is want i want FANTASY wise, but REALITY wise.. If this school honestly gave me MORE freedom I’d probably start doing really really bad in school haha. Just the whole being able to come to school whenever because (i drive) and the being able to l eave at the end of the day as soon as you hit a free period or prep or are done with classes.. Yeah let’s just say i get a little toooo excited 🙂 ! With the freedom that I already have ‘m trying to keep the number of lates I have on top of the number of school days I’ve missed under control. On top of leaving early just because I have last lunch and last prep when REALLY I COULD BE USING MATH HELP! I agree that i’m overly excited to get out of highschool and start my life with free wings.. But the truth is seniors do need some restrictions because if there’s none many kids could fall off track…



Homecoming at Shaker High School.

This article is called Homecoming and was written by Kassaundra Guilbeau. She claims that she appreciates the way the principles at Shaker set up the organizations of the pep rallys along with the dances here at Shaker. I agree with her. I believe these events are fun as well. I think the school put enough time into these events so us students at Shaker can appreciate, attend and enjoy them as much as they were set up for us to enjoy them as. If you are a shaker student i think you should attend these events and find out for yourself!

Mc Donald toy banned from happy meal!

……..I personally think this is a great idea. I think this is nothing a citizen should get hyped up over. All the government is trying to look out for is younger children’s health. Thats alllllll!?!?! Get over yourselves people.. Really. The whole point on taking this toy out of an UNHEALTHY happy meal is tp prevent children from becoming obsese. It’s not like they are taking the toy away forever. For you parents who seem to be oh so upset about this… Pay the extra dollar to get this toy (you can purchase aside from the happy meal) to your children so they can then get addicited to an unhappy meal… And become even more enlarged each time…. K. My points settled. Have a good day!

The homefield.. The Effect..

I have just read a blog about how the legal age now to draft for the NBA has been moved up from 18 years old to 19. I agree with this law because I think many young teenagers get so carried away with the fact they are being accepted what is a one in a life time shot and dropping out of school and nearly ruining their life in the long run. What happens if you do bad one year and that team wants to let you go? And you didn’t have a documented contract.. Ah yeah see now your stuck. And it’s not going to be as easy as it looks to get your education back up and running.. Because remember.. You dropped out. I think teenagers can be offered many different great possibilities for what they are capable of doing.. But you have to also think about your future before making and official decision. I think 19 is a hell of a better age then 18 to draft for the NBA. Although it should be required you have an degree or at least graduated from high school to do this, but whatever. I think the government doing something about this is best because they can actually make something follow through (a law).

21 should be the age to enter the military, let’s use common sense people.

We can’t drink until were 18 what the hell is the government thinking making us fight in a war. Risking our life.. WHEN IT’S BARELY EVEN BEGAN. I understand people are required to fight for their country.. That I do agree with. but they age of 18 years old on starting to do this is beyond ridiculous. We can’t even have the right to legally drink alcohol on our own, it’s said 18 year olds are still too young to have the “alcohol responsibility” … So tell me PLEASE who thinks were “responsible” enough to fight in a WAR. It makes no sense. Everyone knows it. I believe the age should be changed to 21. Common sense here.. When I can LEGALLY drink through the law, then I’ll LEGALLY put armor in my hand and fight for this country. Understand? Comment if you disagree please.. This topic makes me annoyed.

Mr. Potus….. Congratulations Obama? Really..

I just read a post about how Obama now is making up for the actions Bush had made during his terms of being president. I agree with this and think it’s unfair. BUT, the catch here is that the person who posted this “Mr. Potus” blog states that Obama isn’t clearing up the economy correctly. If I’m not mistaken….. Our economy is still obviously in a recession but it’s hell of a lot better then what numb nut Bush had us in. And for the record….. Obama’s trying to get people OUT OF IRAQ not BRING MORE OF OUR PEOPLE IN. Ridiculous.


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