Restrictions on teenagers their senior year*

I personally being a senior want to say that seniors need MORE freedom. Of course this is want i want FANTASY wise, but REALITY wise.. If this school honestly gave me MORE freedom I’d probably start doing really really bad in school haha. Just the whole being able to come to school whenever because (i drive) and the being able to l eave at the end of the day as soon as you hit a free period or prep or are done with classes.. Yeah let’s just say i get a little toooo excited 🙂 ! With the freedom that I already have ‘m trying to keep the number of lates I have on top of the number of school days I’ve missed under control. On top of leaving early just because I have last lunch and last prep when REALLY I COULD BE USING MATH HELP! I agree that i’m overly excited to get out of highschool and start my life with free wings.. But the truth is seniors do need some restrictions because if there’s none many kids could fall off track…



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