The homefield.. The Effect..

I have just read a blog about how the legal age now to draft for the NBA has been moved up from 18 years old to 19. I agree with this law because I think many young teenagers get so carried away with the fact they are being accepted what is a one in a life time shot and dropping out of school and nearly ruining their life in the long run. What happens if you do bad one year and that team wants to let you go? And you didn’t have a documented contract.. Ah yeah see now your stuck. And it’s not going to be as easy as it looks to get your education back up and running.. Because remember.. You dropped out. I think teenagers can be offered many different great possibilities for what they are capable of doing.. But you have to also think about your future before making and official decision. I think 19 is a hell of a better age then 18 to draft for the NBA. Although it should be required you have an degree or at least graduated from high school to do this, but whatever. I think the government doing something about this is best because they can actually make something follow through (a law).


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