21 should be the age to enter the military, let’s use common sense people.

We can’t drink until were 18 what the hell is the government thinking making us fight in a war. Risking our life.. WHEN IT’S BARELY EVEN BEGAN. I understand people are required to fight for their country.. That I do agree with. but they age of 18 years old on starting to do this is beyond ridiculous. We can’t even have the right to legally drink alcohol on our own, it’s said 18 year olds are still too young to have the “alcohol responsibility” … So tell me PLEASE who thinks were “responsible” enough to fight in a WAR. It makes no sense. Everyone knows it. I believe the age should be changed to 21. Common sense here.. When I can LEGALLY drink through the law, then I’ll LEGALLY put armor in my hand and fight for this country. Understand? Comment if you disagree please.. This topic makes me annoyed.


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